Phil Clarke Hill is a documentary filmmaker, specializing in short form for web, working primarily in London and Brazil. He makes documentaries for top clients such as AJ+, CNN, the BBC, Google, Fusion and UNSIDR.

Tamo Junto – we are together

Hip hop stories from Rio de Janeiro, showing how urban music culture is changing the lives of young people from the favelas, acting as a positive influence and an alternative to crime.

Newzbeat – AJ+

In Uganda, there is a hip-hop music collective that have a show on national TV, where they appeal to younger viewers by reading the news in rap.

Ka’apor of Maranhao

The Ka’apor indigenous Amazon community took the struggle against illegal logging into their own hands and expelled the loggers, but there is a price to pay.


The first ethical gold mining in the whole of Africa has been implemented in Uganda. Co-production with Dartmouth Films and the Fairtrade Foundation. (private link)

Google Local Guides – Best of Rio

Travel video commissioned by Google Local Guides, showing the best of Rio’s lesser known spots, encompassing beaches, food, shopping and nightlife.

Fusion – Literary Barbershop

Story for Fusion about a barbershop that encourages children to read whilst they’re having their hair cut, by giving them $2 back.

Open Bionics – Seeker Media

This robotics company created the world’s first medically insured & customizable 3D-printed arm.

CNN – Babylon health app

Piece commissioned by CNN tech, about a health startup in London that aims to predict when you’re going to get sick in addition to offering medical support.

UNISDR report – Bento Rodrigues disaster

UNISDR report about the Bento Rodrigues mining disaster in Brazil, six months on. Looking at how the SENDAI framework can help to prevent such disasters in the future.

Retomada – One World Media Grant

Brazil is a global giants in agriculture, which requires vast amounts of space. In Mato Grosso do Sul there is an ongoing battle between farmers and the Guarani indigenous communities over land, which sometimes turns violent.

Dispatches from the Coalface – the Ecologist

The Pont Valley Protection camp was set up by activists in protest of what is currently the only proposed open cast coal mining site in the UK, in County Durham.

Favela Brass – AJ+

Story about a brass music school inside a Rio favela, shot for AJ+ as part of their Rio 2016 Olympics coverage.

Free to Party

In 1994 the Criminal Justice Bill made raves illegal in the UK, but regardless they still continue to this day, showing the tenacity of Britain’s most iconic subculture. view the book version on Issuu.

UNLEASH innovation lab

Video from the UNLEASH innovation lab, held in 2018 in Singapore, a collaboration between Dalberg, UNDP, Carlsberg Foundation and Deloitte.

UN WHO conference on NCDs

Event video (1 of 3) from a UN-WHO conference about noncommunicable diseases. Our particular emphasis was the youth innovation lab, organised by Dalberg and the World Diabetes Foundation.

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