UNLEASH recap videos out now

Back in August, in collaboration with Daniel Oxenhandler + Will Sloan AKA Network Affect and the Collaboratorium, Copenhagen, we were given the opportunity of producing films for a completely unique event.

UNLEASH was an innovation lab, the most incredible thing about it was it’s truly global reach and demographic. 1000 people from all around the world, every single one of them a specialist in one of the UN sustainability goals – they were brought to Denmark and spent an intensive 10 days working out potential solutions to reaching these goals, which include access to clean water, access to education and food production. The event was organised by UNDP in association with Dalberg, the Carlsberg Foundation, Aarhus University, Deloitte and many many others.

Here’s a link to the recap videos, and currently in production is the most exciting part of our work for it – a 30 minute doc about Daniel from Burundi, but more about that in the next post.
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