Phil Clarke Hill is a photographer working primarily in London and Brazil. He creates a combination of commissions and personal projects for clients such as the Guardian, Vice, National Geographic Traveller, GEO and the Washington Post.

Tamo Junto

The hip-hop scene is booming in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Cuban Santeria

The Santeria religion with African origins is as popular as ever in contemporary Cuba.

Free To Party

A deep look into the Illegal rave scene in the UK.

El Tio Bolivia

Bolivian miners believe in and revere El Tio – the God of the underworld.

Jamaican Rastafari

A look inside the Rastafarian culture, in it’s home country of Jamaica.

London Speakeasys

London’s underground folk music scene.


Throat singing, Shamans, snow and yaks – the Siberian republic of Tuva.

Made in Coorg

Coorg in southern India is the home of the country’s coffee industry and a region rich in cultural heritage.

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