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BaianaSystem play their first ever UK show – video

Here’s a sneak preview from a project that I’m about to start working on in Brazil..

What a show this was! The music was amazing and it was so much fun to shoot and edit. BaianaSystem from Salvador de Bahia, Brazil playing their first ever UK show at Village Underground in East London.

Royal Voluntary Service celebrates 80 years – video

Short video for the Royal Voluntary service which Tommy Chavannes and myself edited together to mark their 80 anniversary, using a combination of archive and contemporary footage, there’s some great wartime and 1960’s shots in there.

Open Bionics shoot for Seeker

This week I had the privilege to visit and shoot the fantastic Open Bionics project at the Future Space, part of UWE in Bristol, UK, another assignment for Seeker Media.

I’ve been interested in visiting them for some time, so when Seeker put out a call for innovative science projects, it was a natural choice, a few months later and here we are!

The full 5/6 minute video piece will be released soon, watch this space, for now here’s a couple of photos from the shoot.

UN WHO conference on NCDs

A couple of weeks back I was over in Copenhagen again with Daniel Oxenhandler aka Network Affect, working with the Dalberg Media / UNLEASH team again.

This time for a youth innovation lab within a UN-WHO conference about Non-Communicable diseases. An important issue in the modern World, and something that needs immediate attention. Dalborg did an UNLEASH style innovation lab process with 20 young people from around the World on the topic, seeing what ingenious solutions they could come up with.

Here are the recap videos from the conference:



Fusion Power for Seeker media

Yesterday was a fascinating day, I got to meet a World expert in Fusion Electricity – Richard Dinan, CEO of Applied Fusion. Previously I had minimal knowledge on the subject, and now I’m pretty up on it, and essentially, once they’ve cracked it, which they will, it is literally going to change the World.

The interview was for an episode of ‘How Close are we to..’ for Seeker Media, based in California. So, how close are we to Fusion Electricity?

Dispatches from the coalface: ‘Protecting the land, my home’

Here’s the latest short documentary that I’ve been working on, published by the Ecologist. This film was made with Tommy Chavannes, Nat Wilkins and John Chavannes. A 4 min piece about the Pont Valley Protection camp, in protest of what is currently the only proposed open cast coal mining site in the UK, in County Durham.

‘Opencast mining was first proposed for this site in 1978. Every single planning application was refused at local level. During three intense public enquiries, triggered by appeal after appeal from mining companies, it has fallen to local people to stand up and protect this land; to convince planning inspectors that the value of this place, its habitats and wildlife outweigh the need for coal.’
Patrick Carr

New Website for 2018

To start the year off with a bang, I’m very happy to announce my new all singing all dancing website. The new site has a strong video element, integrated blog, searchable images and location updates powered by Blink.

Take a look at it here!

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